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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Such exposure, especially on the part of buxom young females, gives to outsiders (particularly young people) at first sight a funny sensation. The loin cloths are some times ornamented with beads or cowries. Both men and women are very fond of ear-rings, the women wearing up to fifty of them, the weight of which distend the ear-lobes, sometimes splitting them in two. On festive occasions and when dancing, both men and women ornament their head-dress with rows of beads and stick to them feathers of the bhimraj (horn-bill). Brass or silver bangles are popular with men as well as women. Important persons like nokmas (headmen of villages or clans) wear a heavy ring of iron above the elbow, which is called jaksil. A belt covered with beads completes the attire. The men are often seen carrying weapons—spears or swords.

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