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Friday, October 1, 2010


Once there lived an Elephant King named Four-Tusker in a forest. At one time there was acute scarcity of water owing to lack of rain. Not even drinking water was available. All the Elephants left that place and went in search of water At last they saw a big tank full of water in the midst of a beautiful forest. On finding water all the Elephants got into the water, and began to play about merrily.

Very near that tank a large number of Hares were living in the holes. The Elephants treaded on them with their huge feet. As a result some of the Hares died and some others were wounded. This caused the greatest sorrow to the Hares. The next day all the Hares met together to find out ways and means to put an end to this calamity.

At that time the Leader of the Hares said, “Friends, don’t be afraid. Our aim is to stop the Elephants from coming here. I have thought of a means to do that.. What we should do is, one of us should sit on the top of a lofty tree. When the Elephants come to the tank, the King of the Elephants should be told thus: ‘O Mighty Elephant King! This tank and forest belongs to our great Leader named Vijayadatta. He rules the vast Kingdom in the region of the Moon with the support of the Moon God. You are all coming here and causing the greatest havoc to all his subjects living near this tank. So, our Leader and King is very angry with you all. He has sent me to inform you that you should not come here hereafter and also to stop you if you persist in doing so. You would do well to go away at once.’ After saying this let us watch what happens.”

An intelligent Hare named Long- ear agreed to do as stated by the Leader of the Hares. The same day at nightfall, Long-ear climbed upon the top of a huge tree and sat on it. The Moon was shining brightly. When the Elephant King Four-Tusker came there, followed by the herd of Elephants, the Hare Long-Ear shouted out, “Stop!” On hearing this, Four-Tusker asked, “Who are you? Why do you stop us ?“

“I am the Hare named Long-ear,’ replied the Hare. “This forest belongs to our Leader and King named Vijayadatta. He rules the vast Kingdom in the region of the Moon. He is also under the protection of the Moon. We are all his loyal subjects and we are living here. Yesterday when all of you came here to play in the water you treaded on many of us with your huge feet. As a result some of us died and some others were injured badly. When our great King Vijayadatta came to know about this he got very angry and reported it to the Moon-God. The Moon-God also was angered very much to hear about this. He has therefore ordered that you should not come here hereafter and that if you do not obey his commands you will be punished severely. I have been specially sent to convey this strict order of the Moon-God.”

King Four-Tusker believed it as true and said to the Hare Long-ear. “I am really very sorry for the harm done to you all. But it was not done wantonly. I want to apologize to the Moon-God. Please take me to HIM.”

Long-ear asked the Elephant King Four- Tusker alone to follow him. The sky was clear and the Moon was shining very brightly. Long-ear asked the Elephant King to stop at the bank of the tank and look into the water. There he saw the reflection of the Moon in the water. The Hare said to the Elephant, “Please, look here. He is doing penance in this tank. He came here specially to console the unexpected calamity caused by you. If you disobey His order and enter the tank, He will drag you all inside. You can worship Him in all humility and go away.”

The Elephant thought that all this was true. He knelt down and worshiped the Moon and vowed not to come that side any more and left the place at once. Then all the Hares praised the Hare Long-ear for his tact and presence of mind.

The moral of this story is:

Association with great persons and their names will always bring good results.

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