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Friday, October 1, 2010


Once upon a time a Lion lived in a big forest. One day he did not get anything to eat till the evening. After wandering here and there, he reached a cave in a mountain. He went inside the cave. But there was nothing living or dead. Then he thought, “Some animal must be living here. Perhaps it has gone out and will be returning by nightfall. Let me stay here. If the animal comes back I shall kill it and have it for my food.” Then he hid himself in a corner.
The cave was the place of abode of a Hare. He had gone out when the Lion visited that cave. Just at night fall the Hare returned to the cave. Before entering the cave he saw the footprints of the Lion. From the foot prints he guessed that a Lion had gone inside but had not come out. Yet he wanted to get this confirmed. He immediately called out “Oh, cave! Oh, cave!”. There was no reply. Again he called out. This time also there was no reply. The Hare then said, “Oh, cave! Why are you keeping quiet? Have we not come to an agreement? As per that agreement you agreed to reply to me when I called you on my return from outside.
Have you forgotten that agreement? Or are you angry with me? Now that you are not talking to me I have decided to go to Some other cave.”
On hearing these words of the Hare, the Lion thought “It seems that the cave used to talk with the Hare. Because of my presence the cave is perhaps afraid. That is why it is not talking to the Hare.” He decided to talk so that the Hare might think that the cave was talking. He said to the Hare, “My dear friend, Mr. Hare. Come inside.” On hearing the Lion’s voice, the Hare ran away from the place.

The moral of this story is:

Wise people always save themselves from danger by their cautious acts.

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