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Friday, October 1, 2010


There was a huge Banyan tree in a forest. There was a hollow in that tree. A Sparrow was living in it. One morning the Sparrow went out in search of food. But he did not return in the evening and for many more days after that.
In the meanwhile a Hare came and occupied that hollow. After some more days, all on a sudden, the Sparrow came back. When he saw a stranger living in his residence, he angrily told the Hare, “This is my house. How can you live in it? Please get out.”
“Dear Mr. Sparrow,” replied the Hare. “How can you say that this is your house. Don’t you see that I am living here?”
The Sparrow said, “I am living in this place for the past many years. There are many witnesses to prove that. According to law, if a person is in occupation of a place for twelve years, he becomes its owner. So, as per this law, this place belongs to me.”
The Hare said, “The law you quote is applicable to Human Beings only and not to Birds and Animals like us.”
“Both of us are not learned persons.” said the Sparrow. “Let us refer this issue to some wise person who also knows the law. His decision will be binding upon both of us.” The Hare also agreed to this. Both of them then left the place.
A Wild Cat was watching their quarrel. He went and sat at the root tree on which the Hare and the Sparrow were quarrelling. He spread Holy Grass below his seat and shut his eyes. He raised his forepaws and pretended to worship the Sun. God. When the Sparrow and the Hare came near him he said to himself, “The family life is full of sorrow. Wealth and money are not permanent and will not stay with a person forever. Death may come to a person any minute. All the pleasures of life are like a dream. So, to get salvation from these worldly worries, one must always do charity and good to others. One should not even think of doing evil to others.”
The Hare and the Sparrow heard these words. The Hare said to the Sparrow, “Here is a Sage who is doing Penance here. Let us refer our dispute to him.” The Sparrow replied, “Even though he is doing penance, he is our enemy by birth. So we should not go near. Let us stand at a distance and tell our case to him.” Then both of them addressed the Wild Cat thus: “Respected sir, we, the Hare and the Sparrow salute you.” The Cat then opened his eyes as if he was doing it only then and said, “May God bless you both with long life!”
The Hare and the Sparrow then said to the Wild Cat, “Respected Sir, a dispute has arisen between us. You must kindly settle it. You can kill and eat the one that is at fault.” On hearing this, the Cat covered both his ears. “Friends, don’t say like that. I have ceased doing evil acts. I have taken a vow not to do any harm unto others. So, I will not even think of killing you. As asked for, I shall settle your dispute. I have become old and so, I am not able to hear well. Both of you, please come near me and tell your case. After hearing both sides, I shall deeply think over and then tell what is just and reasonable. Then only God will bless me.”
On hearing the sweet and fraudulent words of the Cat, both the Sparrow and the Hare were very much pleased. They believed that they would get justice and with that firm faith both of them went near and stood by his sides. Immediately the Wild Cat caught both of them, killed them and ate them. The poor Sparrow and the Hare met their death as they approached the wicked Cat for justice.

The moral of this story is:

If a cunning and wicked man is appointed as a judge, his decision will not be just; both parties to the dispute will have to face danger and hardship.


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